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What is MJ Aquaholics?

MJ Aquaholics is our personal project focusing on helping our planet, low cost slow travelling, spreading positive vibes and all that is in various ways connected to water.

It connects our passion for water and its protection, travelling and learning about the world. We regularly pick up trash in nature which threatens water all around the world and consequently affects our lives.

Our ultimate goal (and dream) is to travel the world (right now in Latin America) while joining forces with local cleaning groups and encouraging others (fellow travellers and locals) to join the efforts. Additionally to our cleanup efforts, we also give educational talks about plastic in schools using fun experiments and games.


While doing that we are going to fight the number one littered item - cigarette butts by making and spreading upcycled pocket ashtrays.

Water is an incredible molecule! It is just three atoms connected into a form of tiny boomerang, yet it's incredibly important for our survival. And it gives our planet the beautifuly calming blue colour.

Unfortunately, we as humanity have not been treating water nor Earth right last several decades, now it is about time to change that!


Pick up some trash in nature

Trash pollution is a common enemy, pick few pieces a day and make your town or favorite spot a bit cleaner. By just being seen doing that, you can motivate more people. Even just 1piece counts, let's clean Earth together! Consider posting it on you social media, tag @mjaquaholics and use hashtag #one4earth

Stop with single use things

Say no to plastic bags, say no to straws, say no to plastic bottles, there are eco swaps for everything but don't get overwhelmed. Every tiny step counts!

Reduce your use

We tend to own so many things but how many do we really use? Living minimalistic life might save your nerves and especially money. Less things, more experiences!

Do it yourself!

Did you know that vast majority of house cleaning can be simply done using vinegar, baking soda, citric acid and essential oils? Stop using chemicals packed in plastic, make your own cleaners!

Beach cleanup in Barcelona

So far, we cleaned

3053.9 kg of trash, help us to clean more.


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Our record beach clean-up with 29.6 kg of trash after one heavy storm in Barcelona

Cleaning the beach!

Follow the journey!


We are Míša and Jirka, a travel couple from Czechia who is trying to clean our planet along the road and spread some positive vibes together with the awareness about water pollution through organizing cleanups and giving science talks in schools.

Check our project Reshtray!

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Short film about us

Water. a film by Maximilian Kurtius
Travelling is one of our favorite things!